Upcoming performances and news

  • October: 15, 07:30 pm

    solo recital


    Opening concert of the 30th „Leipzig Chopin Days“
    works by Beethoven, Chopin and
    first performance of a work by Sarvenaz Safari
    New Leipzig Chopin Society
    Polnisches Institut

    Markt 10
    D – 04109 Leipzig

  • October: 22, 07:30 pm

    Piano recital


    „Music in Scheune and Kapelle“
    Piano recital
    Wolfgang Manz and students
    Beethoven programme

    Church St. Martin
    D – 90607 Rückersdorf

  • October: 25, 08:00 pm

    solo recital


    Giessener Meisterkonzerte
    Beethoven and Liszt

    Town Haal, Hermann Levi Saal
    Berliner Platz 1
    D – 35390 Giessen

    giessener-meisterkonzerte e.V.

  • November: 05, 07:00 pm

    Piano duet with Rolf Plagge


    Recital at Bechstein Berlin
    Piano concertos by Skrjabin, Chopin and Prokofjew on 2 pianos

    Bechstein Centrum Stilwerk
    Kantstrasse 17
    D – 10623 Berlin